Privacy Policy

SikaBosea collects user information in order to better serve customers. When the client provides personal information to SikaBosea, SikaBosea will use the application to interact with information created by user applications at the time of use. Before collecting the information, SikaBosea will confirm with the customer whether it agrees SikaBosea to collect the information for business processing

SikaBosea has been registered and supervised by the Ghanaian government.

1.What kind of Personal Information is collected by SikaBosea

Personal information: including: name, cell phone number, Required National ID’s, emergency contact information, photo, residential address, location, company address, etc.

Device information: for example: Android version, phone device information, contact information, etc.

Social information: email address, etc.

Location information (only for special services/ features): various types of information related to your location. For example: Region, City, Street Address, Nearest Landmark, etc to ensure accurate position in our service to evaluate your credit scores.

We also collect other personal information and employment information, third party information, etc. The purpose of collecting this information is to improve the services we provide for you. The provision of information depends on how you use it to participate in our products or services. Use of our service is completely voluntary and you do not need to provide this information unless you choose to use our SikaBosea service.

2.What kind of permission does SikaBosea require to collect user’s mobile information

Camera: To access your camera or execute the image from the relevant device and upload to information to do loan review process

Internet: To access your Internet status.

Location: To access and upload your location information for loan review process

3.How does SikaBosea manage your private information?

The information we collect will be stored and managed for the following purposes:

(1)Check the information you provide against the actual information and make sure that no one else is using it.

(2)Determine your ability to obtain a loan on current terms;

(3)Confirm that your information is true and there is no fraud

When you call or visit our mobile application, we contact you to learn about your account and provide identification information, and provide updated information when the service changes. We confirm that the information you provided is accurate during the loan registration process. If your loan is approved, please ensure the transaction process is accurate.

4.How does SikaBosea protect users’ personal information?

SikaBosea uses the security protocols to transmit your private data and uses the latest technology to store and protect your private data.

SikaBosea will follow the current course of action to ensure that your private data is kept secret and maintained and controlled and access to the restrictions to the protection of security and not shared to other third party organizations without your permission.

Disclosure and Sharing of private data

When you submit the information, it shall be deemed as your consent to SikaBosea regarding the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information by SikaBosea. SikaBosea will never display, rent or sell your personally identifiable information to others.

The following circumstances are excluded:

When your desired products and services can only be provided if your personal information is disclosed;

When we are required to provide information to the companies that provide products or services on our behalf; (unless we notify you otherwise, these companies do not have the right to use your personally identifiable information);

When we are required to comply with a court summons, court order or to comply with a legal process;

When we discover that you have violated the terms of use of SikaBosea global village or any other products or services.

User hereby consents to and authorized the release by SikaBosea (the Lenders) and its third party partners, such as but not limited to, the following:

a) Identity and Credit Information;

b) Data usage records;

c) Borrower status

When user's loan is overdue,your Private Data may be shared to third party collection and repossession agents in relation to the enforcement of repayment obligations for the loans or other debts;

For the avoidance of doubt, User hereby acknowledges and agrees that Lender, its third party may share any and all information relating to the User to each other for any legitimate business purpose including but not limited to, credit investigation, credit collection, product and systems development and marketing activities and/ or services, and the like.


To use our SikaBosea service, you must be at least 18 years old. If you do not meet the age requirement, using the SikaBosea service is and will be prohibited.

6.Change security policies

We will notify you by text message or email of any changes to our security policy so that you can reconsider the new security policy.

Privacy: we protect all user information and do not share user information with third parties unless authorized by the user.

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